06 Dec 2022

  • #274: Fixed ResourceWarning in _common.


07 Oct 2022

  • #203: Lifted restriction on modules passed to files. Now modules need not be a package and if a non-package module is passed, resources will be resolved adjacent to those modules, even for modules not found in any package. For example, files(import_module('mod.py')) will resolve resources found at the root. The parameter to files was renamed from ‘package’ to ‘anchor’, with a compatibility shim for those passing by keyword.

  • #259: files no longer requires the anchor to be specified and can infer the anchor from the caller’s scope (defaults to the caller’s module).


22 Jul 2022

  • #228: as_file now also supports a Traversable representing a directory and (when needed) renders the full tree to a temporary directory.


22 Jul 2022

  • #253: In MultiplexedPath, restore expectation that a compound path with a non-existent directory does not raise an exception.


15 Jun 2022

  • #250: Now Traversable.joinpath provides a concrete implementation, replacing the implementation in .simple and converging with the behavior in MultiplexedPath.


16 Apr 2022

  • #249: In simple.ResourceContainer.joinpath, honor names split by posixpath.sep.


13 Apr 2022

  • #248: abc.Traversable.joinpath now allows for multiple arguments and specifies that posixpath.sep is allowed in any argument to accept multiple arguments, matching the behavior found in zipfile.Path and pathlib.Path.

    simple.ResourceContainer now honors this behavior.


25 Mar 2022

  • #244: Add type declarations in ABCs.


  • Require Python 3.7 or later.

  • #243: Fix error when no __pycache__ directories exist when testing update-zips.


30 Oct 2021

  • #80: Test suite now relies entirely on the traversable API.


18 Oct 2021

  • #80: Now raise a DeprecationWarning for all legacy functions. Instead, users should rely on the files() API introduced in importlib_resources 1.3. See Migrating from Legacy for guidance on avoiding the deprecated functions.


17 Oct 2021

  • Updated readme to reflect current behavior and show which versions correspond to which behavior in CPython.


09 Oct 2021

  • bpo-45419: Correct DegenerateFiles.Path .name and .open() interfaces to match Traversable.


30 Jul 2021

  • #234: Fix refleak in as_file caught by CPython tests.


28 Jul 2021

  • bpo-38291: Avoid DeprecationWarning on typing.io.


27 Jun 2021

  • #80 via #221: Legacy API (path, contents, …) is now supported entirely by the .files() API with a compatibility shim supplied for resource loaders without that functionality.


26 May 2021

  • bpo-38693: Prefer f-strings to .format calls.


21 May 2021

  • #225: Require zipp 3.1.0 or later on Python prior to 3.10 to incorporate those fixes.


21 May 2021

  • #216: Make MultiplexedPath.name a property per the spec.


13 May 2021

  • Refresh packaging and improve tests.

  • #216: Make MultiplexedPath.name a property per the spec.


04 Mar 2021

  • Re-release with changes from 5.0.4.


04 Mar 2021

  • Fixed non-hermetic test in test_reader, revealed by GH-24670.


28 Feb 2021

  • Re-release with changes from 5.0.3.


28 Feb 2021

  • Simplified DegenerateFiles.Path.


28 Feb 2021

  • #214: Added _adapters module to ensure that degenerate files behavior can be made available for legacy loaders whose resource readers don’t implement it. Fixes issue where backport compatibility module was masking this fallback behavior only to discover the defect when applying changes to CPython.


18 Jan 2021

  • Added simple module implementing adapters from a low-level resource reader interface to a TraversableResources interface. Closes #90.


18 Jan 2021

  • Remove pyinstaller hook for hidden ‘trees’ module.


09 Jan 2021

  • Removed importlib_resources.trees, deprecated since 1.3.0.


27 Dec 2020

  • Fixed badges in README.


24 Dec 2020

  • #209: Adopt jaraco/skeleton.

  • Cleaned up some straggling Python 2 compatibility code.

  • Refreshed test zip files without .pyc and .pyo files.


23 Dec 2020

  • #108: Drop support for Python 2.7. Now requires Python 3.6+.


22 Dec 2020

  • Minor cleanup.


28 Oct 2020

  • #107: Drop support for Python 3.5. Now requires Python 2.7 or 3.6+.


24 Oct 2020

  • #200: Minor fixes and improved tests for namespace package support.


25 Oct 2020

  • #68: Resources in PEP 420 Namespace packages are now supported.


23 Oct 2020

  • bpo-41490: contents is now also more aggressive about consuming any iterator from the Reader.


22 Oct 2020

  • #110 and bpo-41490: path method is more aggressive about releasing handles to zipfile objects early, enabling use-cases like certifi to leave the context open but delete the underlying zip file.


30 Jun 2020

  • Package no longer exposes importlib_resources.__version__. Users that wish to inspect the version of importlib_resources should instead invoke .version('importlib_resources') from importlib-metadata ( stdlib or backport) directly. This change eliminates the dependency on importlib_metadata. Closes #100.

  • Package now always includes its data. Closes #93.

  • Declare hidden imports for PyInstaller. Closes #101.


13 Jun 2020


07 Jun 2020

  • Loaders are no longer expected to implement the abc.TraversableResources interface, but are instead expected to return TraversableResources from their get_resource_reader method.


26 Apr 2020

  • Traversable is now a Protocol instead of an Abstract Base Class (Python 2.7 and Python 3.8+).

  • Traversable objects now require a .name property.


18 Mar 2020

  • #79: Temporary files created will now reflect the filename of their origin.


06 Mar 2020

  • For improved compatibility, importlib_resources.trees is now imported implicitly. Closes #88.


06 Mar 2020

  • Add extensibility support for non-standard loaders to supply Traversable resources. Introduces a new abstract base class abc.TraversableResources that supersedes (but implements for compatibility) abc.ResourceReader. Any loader that implements (implicitly or explicitly) the TraversableResources.files method will be capable of supplying resources with subdirectory support. Closes #77.

  • Preferred way to access as_file is now from top-level module. importlib_resources.trees.as_file is deprecated and discouraged. Closes #86.

  • Moved Traversable abc to abc module. Closes #87.


02 Mar 2020

  • Traversable now requires an open method. Closes #81.

  • Fixed error on Python 3.5.{0,3}. Closes #83.

  • Updated packaging to resolve version from package metadata. Closes #82.


29 Feb 2020

  • Add support for retrieving resources from subdirectories of packages through the new files() function, which returns a Traversable object with joinpath and read_* interfaces matching those of pathlib.Path objects. This new function supersedes all of the previous functionality as it provides a more general-purpose access to a package’s resources.

    With this function, subdirectories are supported (Closes #58).

    The documentation has been updated to reflect that this function is now the preferred interface for loading package resources. It does not, however, support resources from arbitrary loaders. It currently only supports resources from file system path and zipfile packages (a consequence of the ResourceReader interface only operating on Python packages).


01 Nov 2018

  • Fix setup_requires and install_requires metadata in setup.cfg. Given by Anthony Sottile.


29 Jun 2018

  • Update Trove classifiers. Closes #63


28 Jun 2018

  • Backport fix for test isolation from Python 3.8/3.7. Closes #61


17 May 2018

  • Strip importlib_resources.__version__. Closes #56

  • Fix a metadata problem with older setuptools. Closes #57

  • Add an __all__ to importlib_resources. Closes #59


15 May 2018

  • Fix setup.cfg metadata bug. Closes #55


15 May 2018

  • Move everything from pyproject.toml to setup.cfg, with the added benefit of fixing the PyPI metadata. Closes #54

  • Turn off mypy’s strict_optional setting for now.


01 May 2018

  • Resynchronize with Python 3.7; changes the return type of contents() to be an Iterable. Closes #52


27 Mar 2018

  • Correctly find resources in subpackages inside a zip file. Closes #51


17 Feb 2018

  • The API, implementation, and documentation is synchronized with the Python 3.7 standard library. Closes #47

  • When run under Python 3.7 this API shadows the stdlib versions. Closes #50


14 Dec 2017

  • Backward incompatible change. Split the open() and read() calls into separate binary and text versions, i.e. open_binary(), open_text(), read_binary(), and read_text(). Closes #41

  • Fix a bug where unrelated resources could be returned from contents(). Closes #44

  • Correctly prevent namespace packages from containing resources. Closes #20


06 Dec 2017

  • Initial release.